Home Appraisal

This photo was taken at a house that I was appraising last year. The home was being demolished, and I was assigned to appraise the salvageable contents (e.g., kitchen cabinets). I’m standing in a floor-to-ceiling niche that’s been mirrored, as if a Star Trek transponder was blended with a wall from Studio 54. While amusing,… Read more »

Fine Art Appraisals

As an appraiser, I see lots of art at my client’s homes. Some of it is valuable, however, most of it is decorative. While I always say, buy what you love, the best way to learn about the style you like is to go to museums and auctions. Find your style and the associated artist…. Read more »

Finding an Expert

We all use experts in our business, and as an Appraiser, I’m no exception. When I see a potentially value a piece of art with an illegible signature, I employ the services of a forensic graphologist. These experts analyze handwriting (letter formation of cursive, print, drawings, graffiti) for many reasons. For art, when a signature… Read more »