Fine Art Appraisals

As an appraiser, I see lots of art at my client’s homes. Some of it is valuable, however, most of it is decorative. While I always say, buy what you love, the best way to learn about the style you like is to go to museums and auctions. Find your style and the associated artist. Research the artist name. Look at a variety of works by that artist, get to know what their subject matters are including typical and atypical. If you want to see Art Online, look at Upcoming auctions on See what your local auctions are offering, and carefully read the listings and condition reports. Good condition is critical. Have fun with it! Do not be in a rush to just buy anything to hang on your wall. Buy the best you can afford. It is better to have one great piece of art, that could potentially appreciate, then 10 decorative works that will end up at a garage sale or charity