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Tips For Saving $$$
Here are some activities that you can do to save time during the inspection:
  • Have all items visible and accessible
  • Pull receipts and documents that contain details about the item
  • Count quantities, e.g., china, and list ahead of time
  • Measure artwork (ask for instructions)

We enjoy meeting new people every day. Every job is exciting and unique.  We enjoy researching and studying the market conditions.  How do we study the market?  We maintain knowledge of current and historical events, attend auctions, shop the secondary market, read subject matter books, and attends classes throughout the year, to name a few.  Whatever your situation, we tailor our services to fit your needs.  

Some of the appraisal services offered include:
  • Providing results about the current market conditions that enable you to make educated decisions about the property you own or will receive 
  • Estates (taxable, equitable distribution, surviving spouse, guardianships, etc.)
  • Insurance coverage and damage claims 
  • Resale; pricing; advice and approaches for selling that fit your specific needs 
  • Divorce; we are qualified to provide expert testimony, litigation consulting, appraisal reviews, etc.  
  • Charitible donations (items equal/greater than $500 require a written appraisal for your IRS tax filing)
We also: 
  • Prepare and execute downsizing plans for any age group  
  • Prepare and execute action plans for Realtors.  Realtors have a tough job selling homes, and we can help in many ways.  
  • Price and conduct private estate sales  
  • Lectures - topics are are avilable, or can be customized for your group (its all about the audience)
  • Teaching - we have developed and taught antiques classes;  we were the primary contributor of the expanded porcelain training procedures for the ISA national office
  • Training  - we have trained other Appraisers in the area and in the Northeastern U.S.