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Marie Wayland is a Personal Property Appraiser who specializes in fine art, antiques and residential contents.  Marie is educated by the University of Maryland, and an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). The ISA is a national organization that requires formal education with exam testing, continuing education, and demonstrated ethical behavior.    

Marie is knowledgeable and has the skills to help you make informed decisions that are beneficial or profitable.  She is passionate about the same things you collect, and spends a great amount of time reading, watching the marketplace for new information, attending auctions and shopping the current market.  Even the best collections have their ups and downs in the market place, and we can  honestly tell you about what you have and what its worth in the market today. 

Marie employs the help of support staff and experts on an as-needed basis.  This keeps the cost of services reasonable.  

Appraisals are requested for many reasons, including insurance, probate, equitable distribution, divorce, donation, and damages from weather, moving, etc.  Sometimes, just a verbal consultation is needed to formulate some good, sound options.  We will not sell you a product or service that you do not need. 

The decision is yours, all we ask is that you approach your situation with some professional advice and guidance.      

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